Is an unhealthy scalp the root of your hair problems?

When we think healthy hair, we think of the cuticle, the end, the roots—everything, really, except our scalp. But the fact remains that if our scalp isn’t healthy, our hair won’t be either. While a proper diet full of the right balance of iron, calcium, and protein can help, the real secret is protection from sun damage. Try using a sunscreen formulated for the hair and scalp, like Miracle Leave-In Conditioner from It's a 10.Read More >


Update your sunscreen

The shelf life of your average sunscreen is about 3 years, but it may be less for certain organic sunscreens. Make sure you’re using one that has been stored properly, to get the most protection. And similarly to moisturizers, thick sunscreens might clog pores, so consider a lighter aerosol or powdered sunscreen when heading outside.Read More >


Big, beautiful sunglasses for summer

We’re addicted to sunglasses—and not just because they look fantastic. They can help protect your eyes (and the sensitive skin around them) from harmful UV rays. Look for sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and the bigger the better. Oliver Peoples (shown above) is our current favorite.


Champion the right skincare for your sports-playing teen

While the benefits of exercise are widely reported, these benefits go beyond muscles and bones. This doesn’t mean that teens who want beautiful skin should stop playing sports. Increased blood flow to the surface of your skin brings oxygen and nutrients to your whole body—including your skin. But open pores can also mean it’s easier for dirt and oil to enter.Read More >


This August, take a Hair Vacation (all you ever wanted)

Beach house breaks, last-minute getaways, summer Fridays: these are some of the best parts of the season.  So consider giving your hair a chance to rest from the stress of flat irons and blow-dryers with a Hair Holiday. By picking one or two days a week to 'go natural', and applying a reparative hair mask (like Clear's Ultra Shea Treatment Mask) you're helping your hair get the RR it needs to stay healthy.


Making the switch to summer sunscreens

Just as we throw off big, thick sweaters for breezy sundresses, summer means a change in texture.  That means switching from heavy sunscreen to a lighter one. Most sunscreens have added moisturizers, perfect for replenishing dry winter skin. But in the summer, that same level of moisturizing may be too much, causing skin to break out. With oil-free lotions, powders and aerosol sprays, there are a lot of options available. One great solution? Tinted sunscreens.Read More >