The Science

Isolaz® iis a multistep machine that treats all subtypes of acne: papular, pustular, comedonal, nodular, and inflammatory. “This [is a] light-assisted vacuum device that opens the pore, vacuums the contents while delivering IPL to kill the bacteria, and then infuses salicylic acid into the pore,” says Dr. Patricia Wexler.

As Dr. Wexler explained, the first step performed by the machine is using a small, high-powered vacuum extension that gently lifts the oil, dirt, and other impurities from deep within the skin. Once removed, the second step utilizes a focused beam of broadband light to purify pores from the inside out. This phototherapy painlessly destroys acne-causing bacteria, while also removing other impurities that can lead to irritation and inflammation. Finally, the pores are infused with a purifying solution that makes it more difficult for acne to return.

Our Approach

Traditionally, acne has been treated not with lasers, but with antibiotics and topical creams. Isolaz allows our dermatologists to treat the causes of acne without resorting to systemic therapy. It’s a more natural, less invasive form of therapy that can lead to clear, beautiful skin with minimal side effects.

For those patients who don’t suffer from acne, but who are still interested in smaller pore size and fewer blackheads, we also recommend Isolaz treatments.

What to Expect

Length Of Procedure

Treating the face can take as little as 15 minutes; larger areas like the back or chest could take 30 minutes.


One treatment of Isolaz is all it takes to reduce whiteheads and blackheads, while improving tone and texture. But the true results of Isolaz are best experienced when it becomes part of your skincare regimen. With weekly treatments over 8 weeks, 3 out of 4 patients experienced cleaner, more radiant skin—with results lasting up to a year. In fact, nearly 67% of patients who were “non-responders” to traditional oral and topical acne treatment saw improvement in their symptoms with Isolaz.


100% of patients reported no pain during treatment, likening it more closely to a warm massage. There is no downtime, with mild redness as the only side effect. Over the next day or two, patients may notice their skin has less inflammation, and blemishes will begin will to dry up and flatten.

Number of Treatments

For patients who are looking for a non-laser treatment to deliver a smaller pore size or fewer blackheads, 1 Isolaz session should be sufficient. For patients looking for long-term acne solutions, 8 treatments (spaced 1 week apart) are recommended. Your dermatologist may also suggest maintenance sessions to keep your skin clear and radiant.

Treated Conditions

Our Doctors Say…

75% of patients end up acne-free after 6 to 8 weekly treatments.

Dr Patricia Wexler

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