Face and Body Sculpting

The Science

Face and body sculpting (otherwise known as contouring) are a direct response to how we distribute fat. When we put on weight, our diet, genetics, and metabolism determine where—and how much—fat is stored and distributed. Over time, we can develop pockets of stubborn padding that seem impervious to exercise: under the chin, for example, or on the lower abdomen. These areas can appear to us more noticeable when we lose volume in other places, such as the face or neck.

Our Approach

Face sculpting uses a variety of procedures to give you back the facial structure you once had. Contouring is something that Dr. Patricia Wexler adopted early in her practice: “I studied portrait photography and sculpture, which gave me a standard for how faces adapt over time. I was an early adopter of volumizing the full face as early as 1986. Specifically fat, which I removed with liposuction at a time when only liposuction was available. I then replaced fat in specific areas to give patients a sculpted appearance. Today, we have a choice between laser liposuction and injectables which dissolves mild to moderate fat deposits.” That injectable, Kybella®, is an FDA-approved solution that dissolves fat under the neck with superb, long-lasting results.

Body sculpting is primarily focused around removing excess volume to help contour areas that have difficulty maintaining tone and muscle strength. Our practice skillfully employs both tumescent laser liposuction, a procedure we helped introduce and popularize in the United States, as well as newer technologies such as SculpSure®.

Our Doctors Say…

I’ve been doing full-body liposuction since 1986, and I do a French technique where patients are standing for the best body contouring.

Dr. Patricia Wexler

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