Volume Loss

The Science

As we age, it’s common for skin and muscle tissue to lose fullness and elasticity. Additionally, our facial fat begins to redistribute, causing the appearance of volume loss. Crow’s-feet form around the eyes, and marionette lines deepen around the mouth. Folds and creases become noticeable in the cheeks, hands, and breasts. By stimulating collagen, or replacing it where it was lost, it’s possible to lift sagging or drooping skin, achieving a youthful appearance without relying on surgery.

Our Approach

Our practice uses filler to treat the cause of the problem (the area where volume is actually lost), instead of the symptom (the resulting fold or crease). By using filler as a “scaffolding”, we can lift the muscle to create a more natural result. Wexler Dermatology offers a variety of non-permanent (most Restylane® and Juvéderm® products) and semi-permanent (Radiesse® and Sculptra®) solutions. Because of the variety of fillers available, a true technician and artist is the best way to apply the perfect combination for your skin. As we like to say, it’s not the filler, but the Filler who determines the end result.

Volume loss can lead to another issue: laxity. Without the underlying plumpness and structure collagen provides, skin and muscle can begin to lose firmness, leading to drooping eyelids, sagging neck and jaw areas, or lower brows. Laxity is best solved through heat and radiofrequency treatments. ThermiSmooth®  and Infini use radiofrequency to stimulate the layers of epidermal tissue, leading to contraction. Ultherapy® creates a similar tightening effect using targeted ultrasound waves.

Our Doctors Say…

”When you fill in the cheeks, everything is pulled up. You diminish nasolabial folds, decrease downturn of the mouth, and reduce the hollow of the eye, all without touching any of those areas”

Dr. Patricia Wexler

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