The Science

The most common cause of dull skin is dryness, which leads to microscopic cracks in the skin. Dead skin needs to be sloughed away so that you can see the fresh, bright skin beneath it, which moisturizers can then preserve.

DermaSweep takes exfoliation to the next level by combining microresurfacing with chemical infusions. First, the gentle bristles buff away the top layer of skin, increasing circulation and removing dead cells. Once the face has been primed, the wand then distributes custom skincare solutions, formulated to address specific concerns.

Our Approach

Exfoliating is the best way to get active ingredients into the skin. Procedures like DermaSweep can make a huge difference for patients with dull, sun-damaged skin. With its combination of exfoliating and customized solutions, regular sessions of DermaSweep can help skin stay clear, acne-free, even, or bright, depending on the transfusion.

What to Expect

Length Of Procedure

With little preparation required, a DermaSweep session should only take around 15 minutes.


We can formulate your infusion for any of the following desired results:

  • Improving dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage
  • Decrease in appearance of fine lines and shallow acne scars
  • Diminished acne blemishes
  • Improvement in dry or dull skin


Patients describe DermaSweep as relaxing and painless. There is no aftercare, though your dermatologist may prescribe a skincare regimen to maximize your results.

Number of Treatments

While results can be seen after one procedure, best results usually take 3 to 6 treatments. If you are receiving multiple treatments, we suggest scheduling them roughly 2 weeks apart.

Our Doctors Say…

In-office procedures [like] Dermasweep … could include the use of infusion therapy with bleaching agents, if you’re looking to get rid of dark spots.

Dr. Patricia Wexler

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