Neck and Chest Rejuvenation

The Science

The skin on the neck and the chest is generally much thinner and more delicate than the rest of our skin. As a result, sun damage disproportionately affects this area, causing brown patches, redness, broken blood vessels, wrinkling and laxity.  There is also typically less fat under the surface of the skin—fat normally acting as a cushion to create volume—making volume loss all the more stark in that area. And within the last decade, we’ve begun to see the symptoms of our smartphone lifestyle catch up with us in the form of “techneck”: those deep, horizontal lines that appear on the neck.

Our Approach

For many younger patients, neck and chest rejuvenation may be as simple as removing hair from the chest (men) or chin (women). For others who are combating the signs of aging, our philosophy tackles 3 critical areas: reinforce and tighten the underlying structure, optimize volume, and restore surface brightness and evenness.

The first step is done by stimulating collagen and elastin production, which provide skin with its tensile strength and elasticity, preventing sag. To do this, we use a series of ultrasound and radiofrequency devices that use energy waves to stimulate and tighten the tissue at a more superficial plane.

Wrinkles (such as the horizontal lines on the neck, or the creases in décolletage) can be improved using the same methods. But we may also employ fillers to restore volume, or toxins to relax areas that are producing deep lines. For patients who also suffer from excess volume in the form of fat pockets under the chin, we continue to have success with Kybella® and INFINI.

Dark spots, blotchy patches, and general lack of skin firmness are just some of the difficult-to-treat surface concerns our patients have. We guide our patients through a robust selection of over-the-counter and prescription topical products that can help address these issues. For example, “Niacin is a B vitamin that, until recently, we could not get through the skin barrier. Now with a new delivery system, I’ve seen it dramatically improve the texture and tone of the neck and décolletage,” says Dr. Patricia Wexler. For more severe cases of sun damage, we may recommend photoregenerative treatments such as Fraxel® DUAL, IPL, and the YAG laser to help remove stubborn spots and give skin that youthful glow.

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Our Doctors Say…

Sagging skin under your chin and on your neck can happen at any age, and when it does, it seems to happen slowly at first, and then all at once.

Dr. Patricia Wexler

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