The Science

Spider veins are frequently the result of age, trauma, genetics, pregnancy and sun-related damage to the skin, especially on the legs and face.  They can also result from the increased pressure on the small, surface veins, caused by underlying varicose veins. Arising from damaged valves deep in the legs, varicose veins are larger, nonfunctional veins that manifest as puffy, blue blood vessels, usually appearing on the legs.

Our Approach

Dr. Eugene Wexler and Dr. Patricia Wexler have been eradicating visible veins for over 2 decades and understand that many varicosities are a medical problem as much as a cosmetic one.

Through careful evaluation we can provide solutions to help improve and alleviate many vein disorders.  Lasers and IPL play a role in our armamentarium, but sclerotherapy (Asclera®) is the gold standard in treating leg veins.  By injecting a chemical solution into the vein, the vein collapses and is eventually reabsorbed by the body.

What We Offer

Our Doctors Say…

When it comes to vein removal, I’m doing something which is important to people.

Dr. Eugene Wexler

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