Leg Rejuvenation

The Science

Regardless of how fit we are, there is a point at which squats and Pilates are powerless to keep our legs, thighs, and bottom as firm as we’d like. As we age, collagen and muscle begin to break down, leading to sagging or crepy skin. Years of pressure from standing, running–even repeatedly crossing our legs–can also lead to the development of spider- or varicose veins, further marring the appearance of the legs.

Even those who are not yet worried about aging may find themselves interested in leg rejuvenation: cellulite can affect men and women of all ages and sizes; pigmentation and unwanted hair can contribute to anxiety or a lack of confidence. Luckily, there are many non-invasive procedures that can help you treat these problem conditions with little to no downtime.

Our Approach

As with our philosophy on facial cosmetic procedures, we are committed to treating both the structural and superficial challenges for patients who desire leg rejuvenation. For issues of sagging or muscle laxity, Ultherapy® and Thermi250™ can help restore firmness in the thighs and buttocks using, respectively, ultrasound energy and radiofrequency.

For sculpting the shape and smoothing the texture of your legs, more invasive procedures are required for the longest-lasting and most natural-looking outcome.

When it comes to improving the tone and texture of your legs, there are many tools available. Sclerotherapy addresses both varicose and spider veins, while a combination of laser and light technologies can restore smoothness and evenness to the skin of the legs. We’ll also work with you closely to address any dermatological concerns you may have about your feet or nails. We want to keep your legs looking beautiful and keep them healthy.

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