Arm Rejuvenation

The Science

As we age, it’s normal to experience a loss of elasticity in the upper arms. Below the surface of the skin, structures like fat and muscle start to slowly weaken. When those layers lose their support, the arms lose firmness. This may manifest as sagging skin, crepiness, and prominent veins. UV damage can also contribute, manifesting as dull skin, brown spots or loss of pigmentation.

Outside of deeper structural changes, there are some changes on the surface of the skin that reveal aging. Cellulite and loss of elasticity are just a few of the developments that can make us feel self-conscious about our arms.

Our Approach

Our philosophy hinges on improving the surface of the skin, leaving you looking natural and ageless without the long recoveries and unsightly scarring associated with surgery. When considering arm rejuvenation it’s important to assess what the underlying issue is, sometimes women think they have an excess fat issue when it’s just loose skin.

To tighten skin, we use the same methods as the face: a combination of ultrasound devices and radiofrequency, such as Thermi250™ or INFINI, while YAG, Fraxel® DUAL and Fraxel Re:store, can contribute to brightness and evenness. With special attention to structure, tone, and texture, we can restore your right to bare arms.

What We Offer

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