Eye Rejuvenation

The Science

The eyes can be the first area of the body to show signs of aging. Crow’s feet, heavy brows, dark circles, wrinkles, and undereye puffiness are just a few of the ways in which the skin around the eyes begins to manifest age. Thinner brows and lashes also contribute, making us feel older than we are. Whether primarily from photoaging or genetics, these changes begin to give your face a “tired” appearance.

Our Approach

Rejuvenation of the eyes is a three-dimensional approach that takes into account the underlying skin, muscle, fat, and bone, as well as the subtle cosmetic changes—such as thinning eyelashes and eyebrow —which can unwittingly make patients appear older. One of the first tools we employ are toxins like Botox® or Dysport®. Toxins are an effective way to relax the crow’s feet around the eyes, and artfully administered injections can improve the symmetry of your eyes and lift the brows, improving the overall tone and texture of the face. Fillers are also a dependable option for camouflaging the dark circles under the eyes, while thinning eyelashes and eyebrows can be solved with prescription solutions like Latisse®.

Tightening technology like ThermiSmooth® or Ultherapy® are noninvasive solutions that can be used to lift sagging and hooded eyelids and brows. Utilizing high-focused energy waves, this technology penetrates the skin, tightening tissue and stimulating collagen regeneration. “I call it the ‘Spanx Effect’: the cheeks lift back toward their apple position; the jawline tightens; the brow no longer sags,” says Dr. Patricia Wexler. “Most of my patients see an immediate result before they leave the office, and a secondary one a few months later as new collagen continues to form.”

Our Doctors Say…

New York women want their faces to move: less Botox, more technology.

Dr. Patricia Wexler

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