This spring, waxing perfection

Hair removal is war, not just against the follicles, but against the bumps they leave behind. When a strand of hair isn’t entirely removed, the remaining root can get trapped under sebum (oil), dead skin, and dirt. This can lead to an inflamed, pimple-like bump, which can be painful and unsightly. What to do about it? Dot the area with a product containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the morning and at night.Read More >


Smooth sailing for spring: tackling cellulite

The polar vortex may have kept spring at arm’s length, but cold weather can’t last forever! Are your legs ready for shorts season? With holiday indulgence over, and spring fashions a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to think about smoothing and firming your problem areas. Noninvasive procedures like Thermage® can help tighten the skin. Since it takes several sessions for the best results, start now to get your spring look off to a spectacular start.Read More >


Here comes the sun: preparing your skin for summer

After months of sweaters and jackets, it's time for summer. If you want to put your best face forward, then take a few weeks before the weather gets hot to make sure your skin will look it's best. A week before sun exposure, make sure you are exfoliating daily. This gets rid of dead skin cells, which can interfere with even application of self-tanners. After exfoliation, apply a moisturizer with a barrier protection: SPF and (ideally) antioxidants.Read More >


Beautiful skin one step at a time

When we talk about “glowing” skin, we're talking about a combination of brightness, clarity, and rosiness that reflects health. As walking stimulates circulation, you'll find immediately after a brisk walk (or any cardiovascular exercise) that your skin will be flushed and rosy. But the benefit of exercise doesn't end there. Walking can help with weight loss and depression, improve bones, strengthen muscles, and relieve anxiety. All these things are reflected in your skin.Read More >


Get beautiful-get green!

Healthy skin starts with a diet rich in nutrients, and nowhere are there more nutrients than in green foods. Leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, crunchy celery and leeks, all these foods help the skin get the minerals and vitamins it needs. And like all vegetables, the high water content of these greens will help give your skin one more reason to glow.Read More >


Change your skin regimen with the season

As the seasons change, our skin needs change. As a result, our regimens should be tweaked as well, to adjust to environmental changes. Whatever your skin type is, consider switching up to a richer moisturizer. If you are using a lotion, change to a cream. If you are using a cream, consider layering it over a serum with antioxidants. If you are oily, consider a non-comedogenic lightweight moisturizing gel.Read More >