Is rosacea leaving skin sensitive? Shake things up with powder cleansers

Powdered cleansers – like mineral makeups – use lightweight and finely ground ingredients to transformative effects. With just a drop of water, they create a smooth paste that acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant. While good for all skin types, powdered cleansers are especially effective for those with rosacea, as their fine texture and mix of minerals, botanicals, and enzymes can soothe as well as clean the skin. Interested in seeing for yourself? Try Amarté Daily ExfoliPowder.Read More >


When brand loyalty pays off

Most of us have a medicine cabinet full of different skincare products from dozens of brands. But if you aren’t careful to read the label, you could be using too much of one ingredient, and not enough of another. For those who are too busy to create their own balanced skincare system, it pays to be loyal to one brand. An entire regimen from one brand is designed to work together. By using one range, you know you'll be getting the right amount of exfoliation, anti-aging properties, and SPF.


Do you have dark spots? Try these spot-on solutions

Dark spots are caused by sun damage, which causes uneven pigment on your skin. For even skin tone, there are a few over-the-counter products you can try, like those with lignin peroxidase. or niacinamide, These help decrease pigment concentration over time. Glycolic products are another over-the-counter option that has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation. If you want more dramatic results, talk to your dermatologist about prescription products or procedures.



A: One of the reasons our skin ages is that collagen production begins to slow, and our collagen starts to deteriorate. That’s in part because of enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Some MMPs can degrade collagen and elastin, decreasing skin’s firmness; others can exacerbate inflammation, leading to acne. MMPs are usually kept at manageable levels by Tissue Inhibitors (TMPs). But genetic factors and sun exposure causes TMPs to decrease as we age, leading to more MMPs.Read More >


Is an unhealthy scalp the root of your hair problems?

When we think healthy hair, we think of the cuticle, the end, the roots—everything, really, except our scalp. But the fact remains that if our scalp isn’t healthy, our hair won’t be either. While a proper diet full of the right balance of iron, calcium, and protein can help, the real secret is protection from sun damage. Try using a sunscreen formulated for the hair and scalp, like Miracle Leave-In Conditioner from It's a 10.Read More >