Late night party tonight? Banish dark circles tomorrow

Dark undereye circles are a telltale sign you’ve been enjoying the nightlife. If you’re trying to make it through New Year’s festivities without excess baggage, try using a saline nasal spray first thing in the morning. It helps relieve congestion, which can cause blood to pool under the eyes, giving the appearance of dark circles. Dab the undereye area with a yellow-toned concealer, and you’re looking fresh-faced and ready—no dark glasses required.


Ladies who lunch

Had lunch last week with some amazing women, including Jennifer Goldstein (beauty/health editor at Marie Claire), Genevieve Monsma (Editor at MORE) and Molly Nover-Baker (Editor at Women's Health).Read More >


Loving your nights out…and the morning after

We all work hard and play hard—and sometimes our bodies pay the price. If you want a clean slate after staying up late, here are a few detox tips to remember throughout the week: Drink plenty of water. As soon as you wake up, pour yourself a tall glass of water, and continue to drink as much as you can during the day. It will help your body flush out toxins in your skin Treat puffy, sensitive eyes by placing refrigerated slices of cucumber over your eyelids in the morning.Read More >

Beauty Tips

Holiday cheers!

When out this holiday season, remember that red wine is much more reactive to skin than other wines, so stick to white. The same goes for spirits: clear alcohols such as vodka produce fewer skin effects than wine, caffeine, or highly sugary drinks. Another tip? Blood vessels dilate after just one alcoholic beverage, switch to sparkling water every other drink.Read More >