Sunblock’s glaring flaw

American-made sunscreens may be skimping on skin protection. The Claim: American-made sunscreens pale in comparison to their European counterparts when it comes to UVA protection—and as a result, many concerned beachgoers are opting to order sunscreens from afar.Read More >


The easy trick to knowing if you’re using enough sunscreen

If you're using enough sunscreen, a single bottle shouldn't last a whole season. One ounce is the right amount for each application, so a 12-ounce bottle is like 12-servings. That's not a lot! A one ounce “serving” of sunscreen is about enough to fill a shot glass. If you apply the “one-shot” approach to application (head-to-toe) every two hours, and if you're using at least an SPF of 30 (we prefer SPF 50), then you know you're getting enough sun protection.Read More >