Reduce crows feet with this quick-fix patch

While face masks and patches promise big results, it’s rare to find one that actually delivers. But a new generation of under eye patches, like Rodan + Fields’ new Acute Care, use hyaluronic acid and peptides to reduce the look of crows feet. Diminished lines (without irritation) could become noticeable within 2 uses, if used as directed. Read about Dr. Fran Fusco's experience with these patches here.Read More >

Beauty Tips

How to help get rid of dry skin

“The most common complaint I receive is dry skin, nails, and lips. Towards the end of the year, some people develop a condition called 'winter itch.' As more time is spent indoors, where humidity is low, the moisture from the top layer of the skin is lost to the environment, leaving dry, itchy, and sometimes red skin. Moisturizing is critical. When bathing, use an exfoliating wash with granules.Read More >


Change your skin regimen with the season

As the seasons change, our skin needs change. As a result, our regimens should be tweaked as well, to adjust to environmental changes. Whatever your skin type is, consider switching up to a richer moisturizer. If you are using a lotion, change to a cream. If you are using a cream, consider layering it over a serum with antioxidants. If you are oily, consider a non-comedogenic lightweight moisturizing gel.Read More >


Protecting winter hair and scalp

Winter is a time to change your haircare routine. If you insist on washing hair everyday, try switching showers to the evenings, allowing your hair to air-dry indoors. This will eliminate the need for scalding blow drys, which can worsen dry scalps. Also try switching to a moisturizing, dry-scalp-nourishing shampoo and conditioner.Read More >