A new high-tech treatment claims to (quickly, painlessly) whittle your waist and flatten your tummy. 

Patricia Wexler, a dermatologist to New York’s A-list, believes that there will be a huge market for the procedure. “It’s great for women who are in good shape, within 5 to 10 percent of their ideal weight, and don’t want to go through surgery,” Wexler says. “A lot of women exercise and don’t have a lot of weight to lose”—Vanquish doesn’t work on cellulite or excess skin—“but they’ve had children or seen changes in their core for other reasons,” she says, adding that you have to be motivated to keep the weight off. If you go on a post-Vanquish binge of hot fudge sundaes, the fat may not come back in your abs, but it will come back somewhere.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of trying Vanquish, Wexler has this tip: Drink lots of water before your treatment. “The more water in the cells, the easier it is for the radio frequency waves to target the fat,” she explains. “Frankly, I’d rather drink a bottle or two of water than exercise any day.”


Source: Harper’s Bazaar. September, 2013.