Is rosacea leaving skin sensitive? Shake things up with powder cleansers

Powdered cleansers – like mineral makeups – use lightweight and finely ground ingredients to transformative effects. With just a drop of water, they create a smooth paste that acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant. While good for all skin types, powdered cleansers are especially effective for those with rosacea, as their fine texture and mix of minerals, botanicals, and enzymes can soothe as well as clean the skin. Interested in seeing for yourself? Try Amarté Daily ExfoliPowder.Read More >


A cold-weather guide for extending your hair’s color

After a few weeks of daily shampoo, your fab color can start looking a little drab—and dry winter air doesn’t help! Without moisture to protect your cuticle, color seeps out with every wash. Try applying a hair gloss in the shower after your shampoo its a quick and easy way to help maintain color and shine. We love Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Gloss, which provides added protection to lock-in moisture.Read More >


Things we love: the photography of Laurie Simmons

As the holidays approach, and window displays full of toys and treats appear, we can't help but think of the brash, unsettling, and beautiful photography of Laurie Simmons. Dr. Patricia Wexler counts Simmons as one of her favorite photographers. She stages scenes with dolls, dummies, household items, and live models to poke fun at the idea of domestic life. Her daughter Lena Dunham (Girls) wrote a film that featured her mother’s photography of miniatures called Tiny Furniture.Read More >


Citymeals on Wheels 27th Annual Power Lunch for Women

“It’s time to help people. Not only cure diseases. Both matter.” —Dr. Patricia Wexler  Friday, November 15th is National Philanthropy Day—and the week before Citymeals-on-Wheels hosts its 27th annual Power Lunch for Women (November 22nd). It seems like the perfect moment to bring attention to this organization, which has been close to Dr. Wexler’s heart for over a decade.Read More >


Loving the Mad Fifties

“If I could live in any era, it would be 1955-1965 in America. I love everything, from the dresses to the culture, the cars to the humor. My favorite TV show is I Love Lucy, but I also enjoy modern interpretations of the time, like Mad Men.  Two completely different takes on the 50s and 60s, but both rewarding and true in their own way.” — Dr.Read More >


Joel Grey’s iPhone art

“A few years ago my friend Joel Grey came out with a book of photography called 1.3: Images from My Phone. The entire book, as is obvious from the title, are photos that Joel took from his iPhone over the years. There are a few that are close to my heart, so it was great to hear he's working on a new book. Be sure to explore his work!” — Dr.Read More >