Self-tanning: a cure for telltale palms

Anyone who has ever slathered on a bottled glow knows too well the pain and suffering orange palms can bring. Don’t let your secret be revealed by a telltale stain! Luckily, St. Tropez just came out with a tan remover, perfect for orange spots, dark areas, or correcting streaky patches. Need an emergency fix and don’t have time to run to the store? Try scrubbing your hands with baking soda in a pinch.Read More >


Summer skincare 101

More humidity, hot temperatures, intense sun—no doubt our skin has a love-hate relationship with the summer. Emphasize the love by switching up your skincare routine to make the most of these outdoor months: Try a lighter moisturizer Summer air is warmer and more humid than winter air, so your skin doesn’t dry out as quickly. As a result, creamy winter moisturizers may be too heavy for June or August.Read More >


Update your sunscreen

The shelf life of your average sunscreen is about 3 years, but it may be less for certain organic sunscreens. Make sure you’re using one that has been stored properly, to get the most protection. And similarly to moisturizers, thick sunscreens might clog pores, so consider a lighter aerosol or powdered sunscreen when heading outside.Read More >


Big, beautiful sunglasses for summer

We’re addicted to sunglasses—and not just because they look fantastic. They can help protect your eyes (and the sensitive skin around them) from harmful UV rays. Look for sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and the bigger the better. Oliver Peoples (shown above) is our current favorite.


Champion the right skincare for your sports-playing teen

While the benefits of exercise are widely reported, these benefits go beyond muscles and bones. This doesn’t mean that teens who want beautiful skin should stop playing sports. Increased blood flow to the surface of your skin brings oxygen and nutrients to your whole body—including your skin. But open pores can also mean it’s easier for dirt and oil to enter.Read More >