Ask Dr. Wexler: Going for gold, not red

Q: I’m going skiing this weekend, and don’t want my face to get sunburned. Is my everyday sunscreen enough? A: You’re right to be careful. At high altitudes, the sun’s rays are already more intense. Combine that with the reflection of the sun off the snow, and it’s easy to go from rosy glow to beet red in no time. Assuming you use an SPF 30 everyday, you’ll want something stronger. I prefer athletic sunscreens that are difficult to sweat off.Read More >


Banishing dark circles

Dark undereye circles are a telltale sign you’re missing sleep—or at least looking like you are. If you’re trying to make it through fashion week without excess baggage, try using a saline nasal spray first thing in the morning. It helps relieve congestion, which can cause blood to pool under the eyes, giving the appearance of dark circles. Dab the undereye area with a yellow-toned concealer, and you’re looking red-carpet ready in no time.


Champion the right skincare for your sports-playing teen

While the benefits of exercise are widely reported, these benefits go beyond muscles and bones. This doesn’t mean that teens who want beautiful skin should stop playing sports. Increased blood flow to the surface of your skin brings oxygen and nutrients to your whole body—including your skin. But open pores can also mean it’s easier for dirt and oil to enter.Read More >


Sunscreen pick for active sports

Despite it's reputation as a beach aid, most of us use sunscreen in our everyday life: walking to work, at the pool, or before going for a job. If you're sunscreen disappears as soon as you break a sweat, then consider a sports-specific sunscreen. Neutrogena Ultra Sports Lotion SPF 70 with Helioplex is a lightweight, waterproof sunscreen which is oil- and PABA-free. It won't sweat off, and best of all, it's non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores.Read More >