Décolletage: Prevention and maintenance

Previously we talked about décolletage discoloration issues, and how to firm and tighten the skin on your chest. Here, we’ll focus on preventing damage, and how to maintain younger-looking skin. The thinner the skin is, the more susceptible it could be aging and sun damage. While there are procedures to help with sun-related pigmentation and firming skin, the best strategy is one of prevention. Cover up the skin on your chest when you can.Read More >


When brand loyalty pays off

Most of us have a medicine cabinet full of different skincare products from dozens of brands. But if you aren’t careful to read the label, you could be using too much of one ingredient, and not enough of another. For those who are too busy to create their own balanced skincare system, it pays to be loyal to one brand. An entire regimen from one brand is designed to work together. By using one range, you know you'll be getting the right amount of exfoliation, anti-aging properties, and SPF.


Ask Dr. Wexler: Going for gold, not red

Q: I’m going skiing this weekend, and don’t want my face to get sunburned. Is my everyday sunscreen enough? A: You’re right to be careful. At high altitudes, the sun’s rays are already more intense. Combine that with the reflection of the sun off the snow, and it’s easy to go from rosy glow to beet red in no time. Assuming you use an SPF 30 everyday, you’ll want something stronger. I prefer athletic sunscreens that are difficult to sweat off.Read More >


Making the switch to summer sunscreens

Just as we throw off big, thick sweaters for breezy sundresses, summer means a change in texture.  That means switching from heavy sunscreen to a lighter one. Most sunscreens have added moisturizers, perfect for replenishing dry winter skin. But in the summer, that same level of moisturizing may be too much, causing skin to break out. With oil-free lotions, powders and aerosol sprays, there are a lot of options available. One great solution? Tinted sunscreens.Read More >


Summer hair beautiful

The sun can wreak havoc on hair.  Regular exposure to sun will dry and damage your hair, oxidize your hair color, and burn your scalp. Add this to regular styling and color-treating, and your hair is in for a stressful summer. To keep your summer hair beautiful, the very best approach is to keep your head covered when outdoors. When at the beach or the pool, apply a UV-protectant spray to your hair and tie it up in a ponytail.Read More >


The easy trick to knowing if you’re using enough sunscreen

If you're using enough sunscreen, a single bottle shouldn't last a whole season. One ounce is the right amount for each application, so a 12-ounce bottle is like 12-servings. That's not a lot! A one ounce “serving” of sunscreen is about enough to fill a shot glass. If you apply the “one-shot” approach to application (head-to-toe) every two hours, and if you're using at least an SPF of 30 (we prefer SPF 50), then you know you're getting enough sun protection.Read More >


Keep a sunny disposition with these top sunscreen picks

Sunscreens, like moisturizers, tend to be the most effective if you can find one that's a good fit for your skin tone. That said, there are definitely some sunscreens we prefer more than others. For sensitive skin. try... Skin Ceuticals has a line of sunscreens without chemicals. You get broad- spectrum sun protection from ingredients like micronized zinc oxide--not harsh chemicals.  Enhanced with plankton extract, this lightweight sunscreen increases resistance to UV and heat stress.Read More >


Sunscreen pick for active sports

Despite it's reputation as a beach aid, most of us use sunscreen in our everyday life: walking to work, at the pool, or before going for a job. If you're sunscreen disappears as soon as you break a sweat, then consider a sports-specific sunscreen. Neutrogena Ultra Sports Lotion SPF 70 with Helioplex is a lightweight, waterproof sunscreen which is oil- and PABA-free. It won't sweat off, and best of all, it's non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores.Read More >


Looking for a sunscreen with anti-aging benefits?

There's no reason your sunscreen shouldn't work as hard as you do! Besides blocking broad-spectrum UV rays, many products now contain ingredients that help nourish and repair skin as well. If you're looking for a sunscreen with anti-aging benefits, try... La Roche-Posay's Anti-Aging Primer in SPF 50 It helps skin look instantly luminous with light-reflecting micro-particles.Read More >