Is rosacea leaving skin sensitive? Shake things up with powder cleansers

Powdered cleansers – like mineral makeups – use lightweight and finely ground ingredients to transformative effects. With just a drop of water, they create a smooth paste that acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant. While good for all skin types, powdered cleansers are especially effective for those with rosacea, as their fine texture and mix of minerals, botanicals, and enzymes can soothe as well as clean the skin. Interested in seeing for yourself? Try Amarté Daily ExfoliPowder.Read More >


Keep your workout red hot-not your skin

A lot of us begin our New Year’s Resolution by kick-starting our fitness regimen. But for women with rosacea or sensitive skin, winter workouts pose an additional challenge. They may notice that after a strenuous workout, their skin (especially their face) becomes a deep pink. So what is the reason behind this color change? People with rosacea have more broken capillaries, so any vasodilation caused by working out makes the red much more prominent.Read More >

Beauty Tips

Holiday cheers!

When out this holiday season, remember that red wine is much more reactive to skin than other wines, so stick to white. The same goes for spirits: clear alcohols such as vodka produce fewer skin effects than wine, caffeine, or highly sugary drinks. Another tip? Blood vessels dilate after just one alcoholic beverage, switch to sparkling water every other drink.Read More >