Ask Dr. Wexler: When should I have my first cosmetic procedure?

A: Interestingly, the answer to this question isn't a matter of age, but of aging. To be more specific, a mix of aging, genetics, and habits. Two patients of the same age may have completely different skin appearance, all because one is more genetically predisposed to skin aging than the other. Someone who is 30 may have skin which has aged more rapidly than someone who is 40, because the 30-year old smokes and has never used sunscreen.Read More >


Aging skin? Here’s cause for reflection

If you're looking for a powerful, non-invasive treatment for aging skin, your best results can come from combining two therapies: Ultherapy and Fraxel. Ultherapy® uses high intensity ultrasounds to lift and tighten skin, while Fraxel uses fractional lasers to reduce fine lines and discoloration. Together, these two procedures create beautiful results that will get you back to loving the face in the mirror.Read More >


Smooth sailing for spring: tackling cellulite

The polar vortex may have kept spring at arm’s length, but cold weather can’t last forever! Are your legs ready for shorts season? With holiday indulgence over, and spring fashions a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to think about smoothing and firming your problem areas. Noninvasive procedures like Thermage® can help tighten the skin. Since it takes several sessions for the best results, start now to get your spring look off to a spectacular start.Read More >


Your Fifties

In this 4-part series, we'll discuss unique advice and tips on keeping skin beautiful at every age. Skin profile Skin in the fifties (and beyond) is very different then skin in your twenties and your thirties.The effect of menopause (and the subsequent loss of estrogen) will speed up many of the changes you may have noticed in your forties. Skin will feel drier, and fine lines may begin to develop in the hollows of your cheeks.Read More >


Your Forties

In this 4-part series, we'll discuss unique advice and tips on keeping skin beautiful at every age. Skin profile Entering your forties, you may find your skin has become drier, and has lost some of the elasticity from your twenties—especially around the jaw, the eyes, and the ears. The fine lines you began to see in your thirties may have become deeper around the expression areas (eyes, mouth, and forehead).Read More >


Blushingly good skincare tips for summer brides

If you want to look wedding-photo-flawless on your big day, our advice is simple: proper exfoliation. It's the fastest way to brighter, radiant skin. If you're already exfoliating, but not seeing the results you want, consider switching it up. If your usual method is with a grainy scrub, consider a weekly peel, a hand-held ultrasonic cleanser, or a gentle cleansing brush. Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Visit your dermatologist for a clinical-strength peel or Fraxel® resurfacing.Read More >


New indication for JUVÉDERM

According to Dermatology Times, the FDA panel deems JUVÉDERM Voluma™ safe for cheek augmentation. According to Dr. Scott Whitcup (the company's EVP of research and development): “Allergan is committed to working with the FDA as they continue their review of our PMA for JUVÉDERM Voluma XC, with the goal of providing consumers with the first treatment option that has been specifically developed to help restore cheek volume that has been lost over time.Read More >