Want soft skin without the breakouts? It’s time to ditch the masks

If you’re over 30 and still using drying anti-oil masks in your beauty routine, it might be time to pause for some serious reflection. While they may have worked in your teenage years, these masks might be too harsh for adult skin, which may overdry and break out. Keep skin soft and radiant with exfoliation instead, or use masks that ADD hydration instead of removing it.


This Earth Day, filter yourself

Preserving access to pure water is part of what Earth Day is all about. But sometimes the water from your facet is full of added chemicals. You use a Brita in the kitchen, now try a similar trick in the bathroom. Showerhead filters can remove up to 95% of chlorine (and other compounds), letting you showering in chlorine-free, filtered water. The result? The body is able to retain it natural moisture, so our skin is softer.Read More >


Glossing over beautiful hair

Traditional hair color opens up the cuticle to deposit synthetic color into the strand. This changes the molecular structure of hair, often leading to weaker, damaged strands—especially if you color frequently. If you aren’t “open” to dye, then try enhancing your hair with a gloss. Hair glosses deliver high-shine and smoothness to your natural hair tones by sealing the cuticle, adding extra protection against breakage.


Give your hands a gift this holiday season

While oils are becoming very popular for moisturizing, they don't actually work the way you might think. The body doesn't absorb topical oils: instead, they sit on the surface of the skin, acting as a protective barrier. If your hands are starting to crack under the strain of a cold winter, try applying a moisturizer first, then add an oil like jujube. Your body will absorb the lotion, and the oil will lock in the healing power of the moisturizer.Read More >


Ask Dr. Wexler: Going for gold, not red

Q: I’m going skiing this weekend, and don’t want my face to get sunburned. Is my everyday sunscreen enough? A: You’re right to be careful. At high altitudes, the sun’s rays are already more intense. Combine that with the reflection of the sun off the snow, and it’s easy to go from rosy glow to beet red in no time. Assuming you use an SPF 30 everyday, you’ll want something stronger. I prefer athletic sunscreens that are difficult to sweat off.Read More >


Fight for your right to bare arms this Valentine’s Day

Keratosis pilaris (KP) are the small, hard bumps that often exist on your upper arms or thighs. While they may look similar to acne, they’re not the result of a build up of oil or bacteria. Instead, KP is caused by an excess of keratin—the same protein your skin cells produce. With KP, your keratin production goes into overdrive, and you produce too much of the protein. It then clogs your hair follicles, causing inflammation.Read More >


Beautiful skin in the neck of time

We sometimes forget that antiaging isn't just about the face, but taking care of our skin from the neck down. And because the skin on our neck is especially thin, it can be more prone to aging. To keep that delicate skin looking young, extend your exfoliation routine downwards to the base of your neck. Then, use a moisturizer containing anti-oxidants and ingredients like retinol and peptides. These can help the skin of the neck (and chest) look firmer and younger.Read More >