This Earth Day, filter yourself

Preserving access to pure water is part of what Earth Day is all about. But sometimes the water from your facet is full of added chemicals. You use a Brita in the kitchen, now try a similar trick in the bathroom. Showerhead filters can remove up to 95% of chlorine (and other compounds), letting you showering in chlorine-free, filtered water. The result? The body is able to retain it natural moisture, so our skin is softer.Read More >


A cold-weather guide for extending your hair’s color

After a few weeks of daily shampoo, your fab color can start looking a little drab—and dry winter air doesn’t help! Without moisture to protect your cuticle, color seeps out with every wash. Try applying a hair gloss in the shower after your shampoo its a quick and easy way to help maintain color and shine. We love Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Gloss, which provides added protection to lock-in moisture.Read More >


Glossing over beautiful hair

Traditional hair color opens up the cuticle to deposit synthetic color into the strand. This changes the molecular structure of hair, often leading to weaker, damaged strands—especially if you color frequently. If you aren’t “open” to dye, then try enhancing your hair with a gloss. Hair glosses deliver high-shine and smoothness to your natural hair tones by sealing the cuticle, adding extra protection against breakage.


Is an unhealthy scalp the root of your hair problems?

When we think healthy hair, we think of the cuticle, the end, the roots—everything, really, except our scalp. But the fact remains that if our scalp isn’t healthy, our hair won’t be either. While a proper diet full of the right balance of iron, calcium, and protein can help, the real secret is protection from sun damage. Try using a sunscreen formulated for the hair and scalp, like Miracle Leave-In Conditioner from It's a 10.Read More >


HAIRCARE EXPLAINED: What causes split ends?

A: Split ends are by-products of hair damage. The cycle of hair damage starts when an element (like heat, or chemical dyes) weaken the cuticle—the shaft of hair that protects the inner cortex. Once the cuticle is weakened, it begins to break down, gradually becoming thinner and thinner. The cortex, which is naturally soft and weak, becomes exposed to the elements, which leads to split ends.Read More >


This August, take a Hair Vacation (all you ever wanted)

Beach house breaks, last-minute getaways, summer Fridays: these are some of the best parts of the season.  So consider giving your hair a chance to rest from the stress of flat irons and blow-dryers with a Hair Holiday. By picking one or two days a week to 'go natural', and applying a reparative hair mask (like Clear's Ultra Shea Treatment Mask) you're helping your hair get the RR it needs to stay healthy.