A cold-weather guide for extending your hair’s color

After a few weeks of daily shampoo, your fab color can start looking a little drab—and dry winter air doesn’t help! Without moisture to protect your cuticle, color seeps out with every wash. Try applying a hair gloss in the shower after your shampoo its a quick and easy way to help maintain color and shine. We love Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Gloss, which provides added protection to lock-in moisture.Read More >


The art of oils: moisturizing dry winter scalp

Growing up, we’re told that oil causes hair to look greasy, and so many of us have come to view oil as the enemy. But dry winter air and harsh shampoos can strip our scalp of too much oil, leading to brittle hair and dandruff. A mask with essential oils like lavender can help refresh hair and hydrate the skin, while also creating a barrier against damaging environmental effects.Read More >


You’re on burn notice: how to avoid painful days in the sun

Despite our best efforts to use sunscreen, many of us still manage to get a sunburn at least once every summer. To ensure your sunny day doesn't become a painful experience, try to avoid direct sunlight if you're taking medications like ibuprofen or certain antibiotics. These substances can make the top layer of skin more sun-absorbent, leading to painful burns. Wear a hat if you're shampoo contains coal tar, because that can heat up under an afternoon sun.Read More >


Maintaining shiny, healthy hair

1. Use a natural-bristle brush. Unlike synthetic brushes, it has a little give so that when you are blow-drying or combing your hair (which stretches the strands), your hair doesn't break. 2. To combat dullness which can occur from product build-up, rinse you hair with apple cider vinegar and then apply a warm oil to your hair and scalp. Healthy hair starts from the scalp! 3. Foods high in protein are critical to a healthy head of hair.Read More >