Is rosacea leaving skin sensitive? Shake things up with powder cleansers

Powdered cleansers – like mineral makeups – use lightweight and finely ground ingredients to transformative effects. With just a drop of water, they create a smooth paste that acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant. While good for all skin types, powdered cleansers are especially effective for those with rosacea, as their fine texture and mix of minerals, botanicals, and enzymes can soothe as well as clean the skin. Interested in seeing for yourself? Try Amarté Daily ExfoliPowder.Read More >


When brand loyalty pays off

Most of us have a medicine cabinet full of different skincare products from dozens of brands. But if you aren’t careful to read the label, you could be using too much of one ingredient, and not enough of another. For those who are too busy to create their own balanced skincare system, it pays to be loyal to one brand. An entire regimen from one brand is designed to work together. By using one range, you know you'll be getting the right amount of exfoliation, anti-aging properties, and SPF.


Summer skincare 101

More humidity, hot temperatures, intense sun—no doubt our skin has a love-hate relationship with the summer. Emphasize the love by switching up your skincare routine to make the most of these outdoor months: Try a lighter moisturizer Summer air is warmer and more humid than winter air, so your skin doesn’t dry out as quickly. As a result, creamy winter moisturizers may be too heavy for June or August.Read More >


Oscar-worthy skin in 3 easy steps

Got a fabulous Oscar-worthy party to attend? Then get a fabulous glow to match, with these easy steps: 1) Exfoliate in the shower with a light scrub 2) Apply a lotion with a softening lactic acid 3) Apply a few drops of body oil to your hands and rub it into your legs and arms The results are instantly soft and touchable skin with a gorgeous sheen.Read More >


Fight for your right to bare arms this Valentine’s Day

Keratosis pilaris (KP) are the small, hard bumps that often exist on your upper arms or thighs. While they may look similar to acne, they’re not the result of a build up of oil or bacteria. Instead, KP is caused by an excess of keratin—the same protein your skin cells produce. With KP, your keratin production goes into overdrive, and you produce too much of the protein. It then clogs your hair follicles, causing inflammation.Read More >


Blushingly good skincare tips for summer brides

If you want to look wedding-photo-flawless on your big day, our advice is simple: proper exfoliation. It's the fastest way to brighter, radiant skin. If you're already exfoliating, but not seeing the results you want, consider switching it up. If your usual method is with a grainy scrub, consider a weekly peel, a hand-held ultrasonic cleanser, or a gentle cleansing brush. Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Visit your dermatologist for a clinical-strength peel or Fraxel® resurfacing.Read More >

Beauty Tips

Too many late nights? Let’s get back to good habits!

You've spent a holiday season full of late nights and high spirits, but now it's time for resolutions. Go back to your good habits with these skincare routine tips: Exfoliated weekly! Use a grainy scrub or a hand-held ultrasonic brush with a gentle cleanser Antioxidants. They are a fabulous way to perk-up and maintain healthy skin. Retinols, peptides and vitamins are available in easy-to-use serums, creams, and lotions.Read More >