Oscar-worthy skin in 3 easy steps

Got a fabulous Oscar-worthy party to attend? Then get a fabulous glow to match, with these easy steps: 1) Exfoliate in the shower with a light scrub 2) Apply a lotion with a softening lactic acid 3) Apply a few drops of body oil to your hands and rub it into your legs and arms The results are instantly soft and touchable skin with a gorgeous sheen.Read More >


Blushingly good skincare tips for summer brides

If you want to look wedding-photo-flawless on your big day, our advice is simple: proper exfoliation. It's the fastest way to brighter, radiant skin. If you're already exfoliating, but not seeing the results you want, consider switching it up. If your usual method is with a grainy scrub, consider a weekly peel, a hand-held ultrasonic cleanser, or a gentle cleansing brush. Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Visit your dermatologist for a clinical-strength peel or Fraxel® resurfacing.Read More >

Beauty Tips

Quick tip to brighten up your face

Instant radiance can be accomplished by exfoliating skin. Look for a gentle product with round synthetic beads and For added glow, brush your skin lightly with a mineral powder containing light-deflecting particles, then top with a highlighter along the cheekbones and the top of brow. (These are the areas where light naturally reflects.Read More >

Beauty Tips

Fight back acne

Acne can affect you in so many ways. so don't wait to fight back! Here are 3 simple steps to get started: Wash your face with a foaming cleanser. Gently exfoliate to open clogged pores. Apply a leave-on lotion with 1-2 % salicylic acid. It is milder than benzoyl peroxide with less irritation and allergies. If a pustule occurs, apply an over-the-counter cortisone lotion (1% cortisone) twice-a-day to the affected area.Read More >