At Wexler Dermatology, we’ve been reinventing since the beginning. “We are the innovators of what today is known as cosmetic dermatology,” explains Dr. Patricia Wexler. “We’ve been doing volume replacement since 1986, and Botox since 1986. We were involved in numerous clinical trials that got the products we use today approved by the FDA.”

We’re very selective about what technology and products we employ. We tell our patients, everything that is new is not necessarily better; but everything that is better was once new. It’s when art meets science that the best results take place.

This year we’re introducing a lot that’s new: 4 new fillers, new facial treatments, and new machines. But we’re sticking close to our roots. We chose this picture by Martine Barrat to represent our rebirth: a new season, a new start. It’s also a person reminder to Pat of what she does: “I keep this photo close as a model of aging.”

Photo credit: Martine Barrat