There’s a better way to wash your hair

The secret to shiny, bouncy, well-behaved hair is basic but key: Shampoo it right. And we all need this little refresher course!

The shower is where we do our best thinking…about nearly everything except what we’re in there for. Shampooing deserves your attention, though, because it actually lays the foundation for great-looking hair, says Francesca Fusco, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. The right cleaning technique (along with the right product) can make your hair a breeze to style, give it more oomph if it tends to fall flat, help smooth frizz or split ends, and solve a multitude of other hair probs. We’ll unlock the perfect shampoo strategy for you (so you can go back to solving the world’s problems while you wash).


How do the pros do it? Their important tips will help healthy up your hair.

Detangle before you shampoo

Hair can break easily if you attack the snarls post-shower, so before you even get wet, gently brush through it with a soft, boar-bristle brush. But if you’ve got a ton of tangles, wait until your hair is wet and apply a little conditioner from the midshaft to the ends. Then work it through the knots with a wide-tooth comb before shampooing, says Fusco. This can save delicate or damaged hair from being roughed up or dried out during the shampooing process, because conditioner smooths and protects the outer cuticle layer of the hair shaft.

Source: The Good Life. June, 2016