Can You Fake a Face-Lift?

Experts reveal the best treatments and tricks to look younger. 

“If you start noninvasive treatments early, you may not need a face-lift. My approach is three-dimensional. First, it’s about targeting muscles-the foundation of the face-with an Ultherapy ultrasound treatment [$4,500], which tightens both muscles and skin by stimulating the production of collagen. For extreme sagging on the neck or jowls, I’d reach for ThermiRF, a radio-frequency device [$6,500]. A tiny needle goes inside the skin to melt fat and tighten. Next, it’s about adding volume. I like to inject Restylane, a filler, under the muscle instead of directly in folds, for a nice plump lift-along the jawline, the front of the ears, and the apples of the cheeks. Finally, I’ll resurface with a Fraxel Dual laser [$2,000]. It makes microscopic tunnels in the skin to create new collagen. If you have it done enough times, all of you old skin is replaced.”


Patricia Wexler | Cosmetic Dermatologist

Source: Harper’s Bazaar. April, 2015.