Complexion Perfection

Hope in a Jar? Please. Skin care in the year 2015 is about visible, quantifiable results, and we have the pictures to prove it.

“Changing your skin is about finding the right combination of products, rather than one miracle cream, and the ideal mix isn’t always obvious.”
Francesca Fusco


Scarlett Kim, 34 After a late night, most people’s skin looks dull and dry. But for Kim, “that’s how mine has started to look all year round. I want the dewy look I always see in magazines.”

What the dermatologist says: The tried-and-true formula for glowing skin is exfoliating and moisturizing and Kim’s regimen was supercharged on both counts. “She used Philosophy’s peel twice a week to lift away dead skin and then put on a really rich hydrating mask from First Aid Beauty immediately afterward.” says Fusco. And each morning, she wore not one but two moisturizer (a Vichy serum and a Patricia Welxer M.D. moisturizer).

“The cream traps the serum against the skin for better penetration and a dewier finish,” says Fusco. Before bed, Kim applied either a serum with skin-brightening botanicals (Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum) or a retinol cream (SkinMedica Retinol Complex .25). Retinol clears pores and builds collagen- “and smoother, firmer skin looks more luminous. But retinol can also be irritating if you overdo it, so she alternated it with Jurlique’s serum,” says Fusco. “At the end of three months, Scarlett’s complexion looked much healthier and more radiant.”

What the patient says: “I’ve tried to fake glowing skin with tinted moisturizer for years. Now I can go bare-faced and have the same effect,” says Kim, whose favorite products were the Vichy serum and the Wexler moisturizer. “They made my skin as smooth and soft as a baby’s butt, and using them together gave me the instant glow I wanted.”


Source: Allure. January, 2015