Let’s talk about Botox

From how much it hurts to how much you’ll spend, here’s the real deal on arguably the most powerful beauty creation since sunscreen.

Q/ Can it prevent lines?

Getting Botox before you see lines as a preventative strategy can be a receipe for new problems, says New York City dermatologist Patricia Wexler, MD. “When you inject Botox into a young muscle–for many years on end–you risk overweakening it, causing skin to sag,” she says. Also, once you’ve frozen one muscle, your face can “recruit” others to help make the expressions you’ve just KO’d–leading to new wrinkles, says Dr. Nazarian. There’s no rule, but if you’re younger than 25, take a beat, says Dr. Wexler.

Source: Cosmopolitan. September, 2016.