The Best Cosmetic Procedures with No Downtime

Plastic surgery. For some, the term prompts one image to flash before their eyes.  Visions of a woman being wheeled out the back door of an unmarked clinic and off to a recovery center with a wad of gauze wrapped around her face and bandages on her nose. For the next week or so, her diet will consist of anything that can be consumed through a straw. Newsflash: Times have changed! Today, there are dozens of cosmetic procedures that are performed daily at dermatologist offices across the country with little to no downtime. That means no pricey stay at a rehab facility, and no time off from work. Here, we consulted with top dermatologists to reveal the non-invasive procedures that can change your look in an instant.


Likely the most commonly known cosmetic procedure, Botox is a cult-favorite amongst dermatologists and patients alike. Commonly referred to as a “lunchtime procedure,” patients can schedule an appointment during their lunch break and head back to the office without anyone noticing. As NYC-based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. puts it: “A few pinpricks and within a week, an angry frown is erased, a heavy eyelid is lifted, and a cordy neck is tightened.” In other words, one quick Botox session will clear up your case of BRF (“Bitchy Resting Face”) within minutes. “The majority of patients have heard of [Botox] for the lines between the brows—the elevens—and crow’s feet because that is what it is FDA-approved for,” says dermatologist Cybele Fishman, M.D. “But it is great for other things patients may not know about.” Some of the areas that Dr. Fishman mentions include the forehead, tip of the nose, corners of the mouth, chin, and jaw .  “I have also injected small amounts of Botox all over the face for facial sweating. It is even being studied to help the redness from rosacea.  It’s just so versatile.” Dr. Fusco, who injects less amounts of Botox to achieve a natural effect, says that her patients schedule appointments as soon as every two months.

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