How Lip Injections Changed My Makeup Routine

I’m a generally confident person. Based on all the crazy printed clothing I wear and my bold makeup choices, it’s easy to see that. You definitely have to have a certain base level of confidence to try half the things I do when it comes to fashion and beauty. Beyond that, I’ve accepted parts of my appearance that could be considered flawed: my crooked nose, baby-like hands, below-average height, and slightly wonky right eye. However, I’ve never been able to get past the size of my lips.

As I shared in my #beautyconfession, orthodontist after orthodontist used to tell my mom that I didn’t need braces for my teeth. If anything, braces would make my lips look bigger. Every time we heard this, I was under the age of 14. Needless to say, I never got braces, and my mom never took me back to those orthodontists. Before my first ortho appointment, I wasn’t aware of the size of my lips. There was no reason for me to be. But suddenly, I was painfully aware of how thin they were. I’d constantly look in the mirror and wonder what I would look like with bigger lips.

The thought of lip injections definitely crossed my mind several times, but my fear of needles and unnecessary pain steered me toward lipstick. Over the past couple of years, lipstick helped distract me from the shape of my lips. I treated them as a canvas, painting them with every color I could get my hands on — emerald green, pitch black, mustard yellow. You name a shade, I’ve most likely swiped it onto my lips. I could have gone the rest of my life like this, but the opportunity recently came up to get lip injections from New York-based dermatologist Patricia Wexler, though. (She’s been doing injections for as long as I’ve been alive.) I started to equate having bigger lips to having more real estate for lipstick. With that in mind, I went for it.

The lip injections were done on an Allure Facebook Live for everyone to see. For the record, I didn’t wear a t-shirt that read “Feministe” to make a statement about feminism and cosmetic procedures. I’m a pretty clever person, but in this case, I just thought the shirt looked good with my fluffy millennial pink skirt. I do believe women have the freedom of choice when it comes to their bodies, though. Take that as you will.

I ended up getting three syringes worth of Volbella, a filler made of hyaluronic acid. (Yup, the same thing you slather all over your face. It’s also a naturally occurring sugar molecule in skin.) It was just enough to give my lips a natural-looking plumpness. I like to think of the lip injections as high heels for my lips. I’m 5’1, so when I wear heels, people often don’t even notice that I have them on because they make me average

Also, remember my wonky eye? It looks, well, less wonky now, thanks to my bigger lips. I don’t know how it looks more symmetrical, but I’m not questioning it. Because of that, I don’t have to put on as much mascara as usual to help it look wider and balance it out. I even feel comfortable now wearing any mascara at all. (That’s a whole different story you’ll have to stay tuned for.)

Slight tweaks to my beauty routine aside, I’m in love with how my lips look. I know I was beautiful before I got them done, and I’m still beautiful. If anything, getting lip injections let me experiment with makeup in a new way.


Source: Allure. May 2017.