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Spring Renewal

Photo credit: Martine Barrat

At Wexler Dermatology, we've been reinventing since the beginning. "We are the innovators of what today is known as cosmetic dermatology," explains Dr. Patricia Wexler. "We've been doing volume replacement since 1986, and Botox since 1986. We were involved in numerous clinical trials that got the products we use today approved by the FDA." We're very selective about what technology and products we employ. We tell our patients, everything that is new is not necessarily better; but everything that is better was once new. It's when art meets science that the best results take place.

This year we're introducing a lot that's new: 4 new fillers, new facial treatments, and new machines. But we're sticking close to our roots. We chose this picture by Martine Barrat to represent our rebirth: a new season, a new start. It's also a person reminder to Pat of what she does: "I keep this photo close as a model of aging."


Sunblock’s glaring flaw

American-made sunscreens may be skimping on skin protection. The Claim: American-made sunscreens pale in comparison to their European counterparts when it comes to UVA protection—and as a result, many concerned beachgoers are opting to order sunscreens from afar.Read More >


Sweep away spider veins for good with this in-office procedure

Many short dresses have been ruined by these thread-like clusters. Caused by injury, genetics, pregnancy, or simply aging, what we call spider veins are actually broken blood vessels. Injections (sclerotherapy) can help reduce there appearance, but if you’re needle-shy, consider laser treatment. One laser in particular (a V-beam) sends a strong burst of light through the skin, breaking up spider veins nonsurgically. They are then reabsorbed, and the treated cluster is gone for good.Read More >


Scarring? Let’s make a thing of the past

From mild acne scars along the temple and cheekbones to keloid tissue, most people have imperfections they would like to eliminate. Scarring can often remind us of times we’d like to forget, and for some it can be embarrassing—or even painful. Not only this, but the appearance of acne scars increases as we age due to lower levels of collagen production. Luckily technological advances have given us several laser treatments that are proven to help reduce or even eliminate scarring.Read More >


Are your pillows causing acne?

Frequently washing pillowcases has long been an established beauty trick for keeping skin breakout-free. But the culprit might be the pillow itself. Pillows are quite porous, and can accumulate dead skin, dirt, and bacteria that can lead to acne. If you can’t quite figure out the source of your breakouts, try washing your pillows at least once a month and see if your condition improves.


OTC retinoids and prescription retinoids: what’s the difference?

In a word: purity. A concentrated form of vitamin A, retinoids increase cell turnover and boost collagen production, leaving skin radiant and smooth. Products you can find in beauty stores like Sephora or Space NK are over-the-counter (OTC), and will contain formulations like retinol and retinyl palmitate. These are not pure forms of retinoic acid—rather, they convert to retinoic acid once they’ve been absorbed by your skin. Read More >


Need brilliant skin—and fast? The answer is clear

So you have an event next week, but your skin isn’t where you think it should be? We’ve all been there! Aside from drinking plenty of water, a laser treatment such as Clear + Brilliant can do you one better. It delivers a boost of energy to skin that leaves it smoother, youthful, and more radiant. After a few days, you will find yourself with softer, more even skin—not to mention a big boost in confidence.


Is rosacea leaving skin sensitive? Shake things up with powder cleansers

Powdered cleansers – like mineral makeups – use lightweight and finely ground ingredients to transformative effects. With just a drop of water, they create a smooth paste that acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant. While good for all skin types, powdered cleansers are especially effective for those with rosacea, as their fine texture and mix of minerals, botanicals, and enzymes can soothe as well as clean the skin. Interested in seeing for yourself? Try Amarté Daily ExfoliPowder.Read More >